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The1Mukhi.com is the name, which suggests and gives respect to this holy bead representing The Lord Shiva itself. It is a tribute from us to this great symbol of Shiva!

One of the most sought after 1 Mukhi Round and Ek Mukhi Java Rudraksha has great significance in the history of mankind & Indian mythology. Our Collection of these holy beads and our Online Presence by the name of www.the1mukhi.com has strengthened our client base & network worldwide. Here at the1mukhi.com we are offering very limited edition, personally picked and precisely procured Eka Mukhi Rudrakshas, which speaks itself for its Quality, Genuinity, Assurance, Origin, Being Organic & Natural. We have and we deal in in all types of certified 1 mukhi rudrakshas only. We are the only ONE MUKHI Suppliers also known as the 1 Mukhi Hub around the world. It is the simplest website giving you an easy browsing experience to buy these treasures called 1 mukhi rudraksha in a variety of range, quality, sizes, and price differentials. We deal in genuine ek mukhi rudraksh gol dana Nepal origin, 1 mukhi rudraksha java or Indonesia origin, ek mukhi savar nepali, ek mukhi kaaju daana half-moon shape and ek mukhi siddha dana. All these are authentic rudraksha beads directly sourced from its origin countries and places where it is found, grown and supplied.


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There are many fake, manmade, carved and manipulated eka mukhi rudraksha beads available in the market. One should always be beware of these fakes and rudrakshas made out of Baer Seeds and Cock Wood. One should always rely on authentic sellers and collectors like us at www.the1mukhi.com.

Everybody must wear ek mukhi rudraksha round or java for overall progress, health, wealth, prosperity, mental peace and harmony, spiritual connect, intuition powers, relationships and family life, partnerships if any, in your life. Round Shaped Ek Mukhi or 1 Mukhi Java are considered to be most powerful rudraksha beads in the world. We at the1mukhi.com are the 1 mukhi gole dana round shape and 1 mukhi java rudraksha collectors and suppliers to almost all the major brands, jewelers and dealers around the world.

Our Motto:

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha also known as the ultimate blessing of Lord Shiva himself and is therefore supposed to be the most auspicious bead amongst all the Rudraksha beads. All the 3 Trinity Gods Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh are the most powerful among gods correlated with moksha, which controls the cycle of Birth, Regeneration & Death.

The Lord Shiva & Parvati both wears this greatly powerful rudraksha and hence is considered as their greatest prasadam ever, which can give amazing powers and blessings to the mankind.

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#. What is Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is all about & whats so different in it from inside?
Ek Mukhi or Eka Mukhi or 1 Mukhi Rudraksha is said to be a wonder of nature. Generally rudraksha beads are available in 4 mukhi, 5 mukhi, and 6 mukhi avatars. They have 4, 5 & 6 lines on it. Every rudraksha contains various compartments in it. But
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#. What is the Actual Meaning of Rudraksha?
The word Rudraksha comes from Rudra + Aksha = Rudraksha. Rudra here means Lord Shiva himself and the word Aksha means his Eye. Hence, it resembles The Third Eye of Lord Shiva. Utpatti of Rudraksha Beads is as follows: When Lord Shiva opened
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#. What is the Origin of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads & Who all can use and wear it ?

Origin of all ek mukhi rudrakshas is the asian belt and is connected with the story of Tripurasuraa Samhaara. It has many untold secrets about these ek mukhi rudraksha beads, which unfolds the mystery about its magical powers and benefits. The secret powers of
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#. Can the Spiritual & Astrological Effects of these Rudrakshas be felt and how much time it takes to show its effects & results?
Spiritually, we can feel its Aura, Magnetism and Energy Field. But to feel that, one must have the Crown and Higher Crown Chakra open and clear. Yes, it has very strong effects and benefits as it is considered as a miraculous bead. Time taken to show effects is a very.......
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#. What is the Origin & History of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha?
The origin of 1 mukhi rudraksha is linked with the Story of tripurasura samhara. It has many secrets mentioned in the literature which tells us a lot about these rudrakshas. The story stands like this: Tripura-suras are the 3 demons having Immeasurable powers, who live in three.......Click Here To Read More

#. Do we know the chemical & physical properties of Rudrakshas? What is the relation of power of rudrakshas with these properties? What is the importance of Rudraksha therapy in relation to its properties, uses, benefits and its powers? All the biological & chemical properties of a natural Rudraksha are very much benefitial in all the Rudraksha thera.......Click Here To Read More

#. How To Procure / Buy Round 1 Mukhi or Java Rudraksha and is it Available? You can buy these most authentic ek mukhi gol rudraksha beads. And if you buy one, consider yourself as the Luckiest person of the world. If its available in stock, then we strongly recommend to procure and possess it immediately This is because there are very.......Click Here To Read More

#. Cosmic & Spiritual Powers of Natural Ek Mukhi Round Rudraksha, Siddha, Savar & 1 Mukhi Java Rudraksha: The super natural powers of these rudraksha beads have always been a question of debate. But the fact remains that the great sadhus, tantrics and aghoris utilize it to the maximum. But that doesn’t mean that a common man remains deprived.......Click Here To Read More

#. Authenicity of Various Signs & Symbols Present on Round 1 Mukhi / Siddha Dana / Ek Mukhi Java Rudraksha: Some people say and believe that round 1 mukhi and ek mukhi java will have signs of shivlingam over it, or serpent or trishul or sign of aum naturally formed on it. But it is not true at all. These all are myths and....... Click Here To Read More

#. Is it a Fact, Myth or a Reality. If it is a Fact or Reality or it Actually Exists, then what about its Super Natural Powers, do these powers exist and are they easily Available? Round Ek mukhi is very well present, reality and is available, but rare! Its rarity makes it more debatable and fakes available makes it more sought after and valuable..... Click Here To Read More

 #. Specialities of Ek Mukhi Java / Siddha Dana / Round Ek Mukhi Nepali: There is no doubt Round Ek Mukhi Rudraksh from Nepal or Ek Mukhi from Java are the most powerful rudraksh beads among all Rudrakshas. Clearly mentioned in Vedas and Puranas, heavily used and exploited for various spiritual powers in Tantra and its Vidhis, these two types.......Click Here To Read More

Ek Mukhis are available in FOUR Types and Shapes: a). Kaju Dana, which is very cheap, of indian origin, available in bulk worldwide with almost every seller. b). Ek Mukhi Siddha Dana, which is rare, not very rare. Its is available, but not in Bulk. We supply them at www.the1mukhi.com.....Click Here To Read More

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